Bulldog Bistro

Bulldog Bistro
9255 Center Street
Manassas, VA  20110

Bulldog Bistro is a family-friendly, neighborhood restaurant that is family-owned and -operated. They’ve been around since last November, and their menu has both British comfort foods as well as a good selection for anyone with a discerning taste (Colonial Chicken, Pan Seared Wild Salmon, Buttys, Shepherd’s Pie, Steak & Guinness Pie, Blackened Chicken pasta, burgers, wraps, soups, quesadillas, and salads).

The hubs and I stopped by, hoping to pick up some shepherd’s pies, but we were disappointed that on Sundays, only a brunch buffet is served. But, to not waste a trip and to really make use of our stomach space, we decided to give the buffet a try!

The spread offered a nice variety!  Breakfast potatoes, mini chocolate chip pancakes, pork & beans, sausage links, scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, mini scones, quesadillas, red beans and rice, jerk chicken, blueberry muffins, and a vanilla/chocolate pudding – all were super delicious!

The breakfast potatoes were savory, seasoned perfectly, and had a nice crisp on its exterior; the mini chocolate chip pancakes had good batter and was slightly thicker (which I actually loved); the cut-up sausage links were super delicious and quite addicting; the sausage gravy was thick, hearty, and had great flavor; the quesadillas were tasty, and no need for sour cream or hot sauce!; the jerk chicken had great flavor, and the meat was moist and juicy.

I had a nice conversation with Mary Kate, who shared that everything is cooked and prepared by her father, some of the specialties that they offer, and the updates being shared on their social media.

All the staff members (who are siblings) are all super sweet, super friendly, and super welcoming; I’d love to talk with the owner on the next visit!  I can’t wait to come back and try out their Shepherd’s Pie, the Buttys, as well as the rest of their menu.  Be sure to check this cute place out – the locals are so lucky!

+closed Mondays & Tuesdays
+Sunday AYCE brunch buffet (no regular menu offered)
+British comfort foods offered
+all cooked and prepared by the owner!
+super friendly and welcoming staff
+parking available in lot

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