Joanne’s Grill

Joanne’s Grill
6 East Preston Street
Baltimore, MD  21202

Joanne’s Grill is a small casual fast-food grill place that serves both American and Korean eats.  Items such as cold/hot subs, breakfast platters/sandwiches, club sandwiches, bulgogi platters, and cold/hot beverages are available.

The hubs and I came here for a quick dinner before attending an event in the area, and I’m so glad that we did!  We tried: the Bulgogi Platter (this came with a side of white rice and a cup of kimchi; the bulgogi itself was just way too sweet for my taste; while cooked perfectly, I was just not a fan of how overly sweet it was; the rice was also a bit too mushy and overcooked, but I did enjoy the generous cup of perfectly-fermented kimchi!); a Bibimbop (this came with little bits of bulgogi and a generous mix of Korean vegetables – the chojang sauce was okay and not too spicy; the hubs actually thought both items were decent); an order of pan-fried Mandoo (not housemade, but these are smaller in size and pan-fried really well; the side of a soy sauce mixture was just way too sweet, so regular soy sauce or just eating on its own is advised); and, a Kimchi Quesadilla (this was SO BOMB!  The thin tortilla was crispy and ‘fried’ perfectly; in between nestled just copious amounts of sauteed kimchi with the perfect crisp on its edges (the kimchi was perfectly well-fermented, which made this dish even more awesome!); the cheese was not overwhelming, but it was a great ratio to the kimchi; the quesadilla is definitely on the spicier end, but this was just super delicious!!!  Definitely the best kimchi quesadilla I’ve had!).

The place is known for their Bulgogi Sub, but I’ve never been a fan of this concoction, and knowing how overly sweet the meat is, I’m glad I didn’t order it.

The owners are super friendly, super welcoming, and oh-so-cute!

There are some counter seating available, but most locals seem to take their orders to-go.

I’d love to come back and try out their other menu items, such as the wings and the hot subs.  Their storefront was also featured in House of Cards (Season 4), so I thought that was pretty cool!

+Korean and American eats offered
+super friendly owners
+some counter seating available
+featured on House of Cards (Season 4)
+limited metered street parking

Kobe Japanese Steak House

Kobe Japanese Steak House
860 Capital Centre Boulevard
Upper Marlboro, MD  20774
Daily, 11:30 AM – 10 PM

There are actually 7 locations (Upper Marlboro, MD; Largo, MD; White Marsh, MD; Leesburg, VA; Martinsburg, WV; Grandville, MI; and, Kansas City, MO).  This one is located in the mall, the Boulevard at Capital Centre (across from Cold Stone Creamery).

The menu offers different hibachi options and sushi and specialty rolls (each location has their own special line of rolls, so be sure to check out the menu carefully).

When we walked in, we were seated promptly at one of the teppanyaki tables.  My husband and I decided to share the Dynamite roll from the ‘Appetizers’ section, which is described as the ‘#1 seller’ – it is deep fried with salmon, tuna, and red snapper, drizzled with a nice tangy Japanese mayo and a spicy sauce – it had a great batter on it, and it was actually pretty tasty (I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the sushi chef was Japanese!)!

For our entrees, we picked the Hibachi Filet Mignon – this came with the mushroom soup (I usually pass this on to the hubsters), salad with ginger dressing (loved the dressing as it was very tasty and was served with a great amount (I love it when the lettuce is literally swimming in it!), 2-piece shrimp appetizer (juicy and delicious), stir-fried vegetables, noodles (slightly on the sweeter side; it has been a while since I’ve seen a hibachi place offering noodles as part of the hibachi experience!), and, fried rice (at an extra charge; otherwise, you can opt for steam rice instead).

Our chef was Moddy, who stated that he was from Indonesia – he had a great laugh and was quite entertaining.  The onion volcano didn’t work (which is my favorite part), but the food was seasoned and served up wonderfully!

All the items were delicious, and there was a LOT of food – I was impressed at how much meat they gave you, as I thought they made a mistake in adding an extra filet!  I loved how generous they were with the meal – my husband finished up all of his (amazing), but I still had plenty of leftovers for the next day.

Our server was Ms. Regina, who was such a sweetheart, and she checked up on us throughout our dinner.  This place was happening, even on a Monday night – you can tell that this place is a favorite, and the fact that it was even busy at the beginning of the week shows you how well this place does!  I found out from Moddy that it was Korean-owned, so that was interesting to know! Definitely a great experience and a wonderful find, I’m glad I was able to check this place out – I will definitely be back!

+Hibachi Filet Mignon!



7554 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA  22315

Daily, 11 AM – 9 PM

I am a HUGE fan of Kochix, as I’m a frequent customer of their DC location (don’t even think about bringing up the other KFC chain, Bon Chon, that people seem to be so hypnotized under/obsessed with; you haven’t tried KFC right until you’ve tried Kochix!)

The menu is pretty extensive, offering their specialty of Honey-Spicy (offered in mild or in hot) and Soy Garlic wings/drumsticks; subs, and appetizers (dumplings, Vietnamese garden roll, etc.).

I’d heard about their weekday lunch buffet, so I was curious in checking them out.  They have a bibimbop area with delicious banchans (pickled cucumbers, radish, bean sprouts, kimchi, etc.), as well as spicy dwegi bulgogi, mini fried dumplings, sauteed mushrooms, fried rice, and their signature chicken (drumsticks only).

I actually really enjoyed my meal!  The bibimbop was really tasty, as the banchans were all deliciously seasoned and yummy; I loved that you can control the amount of sesame oil and gochujang you put in (bottles available at the buffet).  The drumsticks, while not my favorite part of the chicken, were still quite delicious!!!  Perfectly fried, perfectly coated with the sauce, crispy exterior – YUM!

I loved how Mr. Choi, one of the owners, was very meticulous in making sure that the chicken was always freshly-cooked and monitored when there needs to be more delivered to the buffet!!!  Talk about quality control!  The spicy dwegi bulgogi was pretty good, too, cooked perfectly with the onions.  The dumplings were okay, but still addicting.

Ms. Vildan welcomed us so warmly and she was super sweet and friendly!  The Chois, a husband-and-wife team, were both very sweet, and we got to talk with Ms. Choi for a bit as she shared a bit of history of the restaurant and the family business (the sister-in-law owns the DC location).

Definitely will be coming back for them Soy Garlic Wings – the plus side is, while DC’s location is a carry-out only joint, this place has plenty of seats to dine-in!  Check this great local business out!

+best KFC
+Soy-Garlic Wings
+AYCE weekday lunch buffet (from 11-2PM)
+ask for Ms. Vildan
+ask for the Chois
+dine-in option