Rise & Shine Cafe

Rise & Shine Cafe
7995 Solomons Island Road
Owings, MD  20736

Rise and Shine Cafe is a cute little cafe that is located in the Reid Building plaza.  They offer wonderful homecooked meals, such as breakfast options (breakfast sandwiches, omelets, etc.), lunch options (sandwiches, wraps, soups, etc.), dinner options (entrees such as BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Tilapia, Bourbon Rib-Eye Steak, etc.), desserts, and drinks (soda, milk, and teas).

The hubs and I stopped by to have lunch, and we tried the following: ‘Slap Ya Mama’ Fries (french fries topped with a generous amount of shredded melted cheese, bacon bits, and your choice of ranch and/or sour cream; with the ranch sauce, it was yummy; while this app was filling, it wasn’t overly greasy!); Homemade Cream Chip Beef over Toast, served with Homefries (the hubs was a total fan and thought this was one of the best chipped beef dishes he’s had! This had a great creamy taste, filled with a generous amount of chipped beef; the slices of toast were a great complement; I was such a fan of the homefries, as they were sliced thinly, crispy, seasoned wonderfully, and had some great sauteed onions mixed in!); a Classic Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich (you can choose for the crabcake to be broiled, fried, or blackened; we opted it to be fried; the crabcake was tasty and seasoned well, with pretty much no filler; this came with a side of yummy and creamy rémoulade sauce that had a nice zippy tang to it, and a generous amount of fries); Southern Maryland Fried Chicken (4 pieces that included a thigh, a breast, a wing, and a drumstick, this had a seasoned batter and was moist; we both thought it was okay; the entree also came with a choice of 2 sides – we chose mashed potatoes and gravy (this came out super super hot, and I loved this – creamy and delicious!) and macaroni and cheese (the hubs was a fan); and, a Backyard Burger (topped with slices of ham, bacon, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, and chipotle mayo – the patty was handformed and delicious; while this burger was generous in the toppings and its size, I think a regular bacon cheeseburger would have been just fine for me!; this also came with a side of fries).

I also tried their homebrewed sweet tea that had a nice sweetness to it.  We were a little sad that the desserts had run out, but that just gives us an excuse to return again, very soon!

This lovely establishment is run by Ms. Dianett and Ms. Danielle – both were so so so super sweet and welcoming and checked up on us to make sure that everything was great.

This is definitely a hidden gem in the Owings area, and I highly recommend in making the trek to get yourself filled with a lovingly-prepared, satisfying, and comfort fare.  I can’t wait to return to try out their meatloaf, their Bourbon Rib-Eye Steak, and their desserts!

+homecooked breakfast/lunch/dinner
+jumbo lump crab cake
+rémoulade sauce
+mashed potatoes and gravy
+handformed patties for burgers
+ranch sauce
+ask for Ms Danielle and Ms Dianett
+parking available in lot


7554 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA  22315

Daily, 11 AM – 9 PM

I am a HUGE fan of Kochix, as I’m a frequent customer of their DC location (don’t even think about bringing up the other KFC chain, Bon Chon, that people seem to be so hypnotized under/obsessed with; you haven’t tried KFC right until you’ve tried Kochix!)

The menu is pretty extensive, offering their specialty of Honey-Spicy (offered in mild or in hot) and Soy Garlic wings/drumsticks; subs, and appetizers (dumplings, Vietnamese garden roll, etc.).

I’d heard about their weekday lunch buffet, so I was curious in checking them out.  They have a bibimbop area with delicious banchans (pickled cucumbers, radish, bean sprouts, kimchi, etc.), as well as spicy dwegi bulgogi, mini fried dumplings, sauteed mushrooms, fried rice, and their signature chicken (drumsticks only).

I actually really enjoyed my meal!  The bibimbop was really tasty, as the banchans were all deliciously seasoned and yummy; I loved that you can control the amount of sesame oil and gochujang you put in (bottles available at the buffet).  The drumsticks, while not my favorite part of the chicken, were still quite delicious!!!  Perfectly fried, perfectly coated with the sauce, crispy exterior – YUM!

I loved how Mr. Choi, one of the owners, was very meticulous in making sure that the chicken was always freshly-cooked and monitored when there needs to be more delivered to the buffet!!!  Talk about quality control!  The spicy dwegi bulgogi was pretty good, too, cooked perfectly with the onions.  The dumplings were okay, but still addicting.

Ms. Vildan welcomed us so warmly and she was super sweet and friendly!  The Chois, a husband-and-wife team, were both very sweet, and we got to talk with Ms. Choi for a bit as she shared a bit of history of the restaurant and the family business (the sister-in-law owns the DC location).

Definitely will be coming back for them Soy Garlic Wings – the plus side is, while DC’s location is a carry-out only joint, this place has plenty of seats to dine-in!  Check this great local business out!

+best KFC
+Soy-Garlic Wings
+AYCE weekday lunch buffet (from 11-2PM)
+ask for Ms. Vildan
+ask for the Chois
+dine-in option