Rise & Shine Cafe

Rise & Shine Cafe
7995 Solomons Island Road
Owings, MD  20736

Rise and Shine Cafe is a cute little cafe that is located in the Reid Building plaza.  They offer wonderful homecooked meals, such as breakfast options (breakfast sandwiches, omelets, etc.), lunch options (sandwiches, wraps, soups, etc.), dinner options (entrees such as BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Tilapia, Bourbon Rib-Eye Steak, etc.), desserts, and drinks (soda, milk, and teas).

The hubs and I stopped by to have lunch, and we tried the following: ‘Slap Ya Mama’ Fries (french fries topped with a generous amount of shredded melted cheese, bacon bits, and your choice of ranch and/or sour cream; with the ranch sauce, it was yummy; while this app was filling, it wasn’t overly greasy!); Homemade Cream Chip Beef over Toast, served with Homefries (the hubs was a total fan and thought this was one of the best chipped beef dishes he’s had! This had a great creamy taste, filled with a generous amount of chipped beef; the slices of toast were a great complement; I was such a fan of the homefries, as they were sliced thinly, crispy, seasoned wonderfully, and had some great sauteed onions mixed in!); a Classic Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich (you can choose for the crabcake to be broiled, fried, or blackened; we opted it to be fried; the crabcake was tasty and seasoned well, with pretty much no filler; this came with a side of yummy and creamy rémoulade sauce that had a nice zippy tang to it, and a generous amount of fries); Southern Maryland Fried Chicken (4 pieces that included a thigh, a breast, a wing, and a drumstick, this had a seasoned batter and was moist; we both thought it was okay; the entree also came with a choice of 2 sides – we chose mashed potatoes and gravy (this came out super super hot, and I loved this – creamy and delicious!) and macaroni and cheese (the hubs was a fan); and, a Backyard Burger (topped with slices of ham, bacon, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, and chipotle mayo – the patty was handformed and delicious; while this burger was generous in the toppings and its size, I think a regular bacon cheeseburger would have been just fine for me!; this also came with a side of fries).

I also tried their homebrewed sweet tea that had a nice sweetness to it.  We were a little sad that the desserts had run out, but that just gives us an excuse to return again, very soon!

This lovely establishment is run by Ms. Dianett and Ms. Danielle – both were so so so super sweet and welcoming and checked up on us to make sure that everything was great.

This is definitely a hidden gem in the Owings area, and I highly recommend in making the trek to get yourself filled with a lovingly-prepared, satisfying, and comfort fare.  I can’t wait to return to try out their meatloaf, their Bourbon Rib-Eye Steak, and their desserts!

+homecooked breakfast/lunch/dinner
+jumbo lump crab cake
+rémoulade sauce
+mashed potatoes and gravy
+handformed patties for burgers
+ranch sauce
+ask for Ms Danielle and Ms Dianett
+parking available in lot

Martin’s Soul Food & BBQ

Martin’s Soul Food & BBQ
3063 Marshall Hall Road
Bryans Road, MD  20616

Martin’s Soul Food and BBQ is located in the Safeway plaza off of Bryans Road.  They’ve only been opened for a few months and offer a variety of soul food and BBQ options (pork and beef rings, brisket, pulled pork, wings, subs, burgers, etc.).

The hubs and I came here for lunch, and we tried the following: Beef Brisket (this wasn’t too fatty and it was super tender and moist – the taste was pretty delicious, and the hubs was a total fan!), Pulled Pork (with a little kick, this was meaty and it didn’t have any of the strong ‘pork’ odor – I loved finding the little end crispies and it was great with the side of spicy BBQ sauce), Porkchop (you can choose between smothered or fried – we opted for the fried version – this was just okay, as it was smaller than the typical deep-fried porkchops we are used to; it also wasn’t too flavorful), Wings (simple, fried wings that was great with the Texas Pete hot sauce), Ribs (there are pork or beef versions available – we opted for the pork; these were super juicy, had a lovely crisp exterior, and it was meaty and not too much fat; great with the spicy BBQ sauce), mac and cheese (the macaroni was fully-cooked and the cheese sauce was creamy; there was a bit of black pepper to give it a slight kick), sweet corn (the hubs liked this, as he is a huge fan of sweet corn), potato salad (this was just okay, as it was more tangy than creamy), collard greens (simple; I just wished there was a little bit of meat in there and a bit more seasoning), a Half Smoke (perfectly-halved and -smoked, this was pretty delicious!  You can add toppings, but I chose only the grilled onions; yum!), and a cup of Banana Pudding (housemade, this had a generous amount of banana slices within).

Staff were super friendly and attentive, and there were a handful of tables to sit and dine.

Just make sure you re-check and re-confirm your orders, as if the manager is not on-site, you are unable to get price adjustments/refunds.

I’d love to come back and try out their subs and burgers, but I’ll definitely be back for the ‘Q!  Check this cute local place out!

+pork ribs!
+pulled pork!
+beef brisket!
+Half Smoke with grilled onions!
+mac and cheese!
+spicy BBQ sauce!
+banana pudding
+friendly staff!
+located in the Safeway plaza
+plenty of parking in the shared plaza lot

Mama Achma Bakery

Mama Achma Bakery
8667 Sudley Road
Manassas, VA  20110

Mama Achma Bakery is a little Georgian bakery nestled in Manassas.  All the fruit cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, pastries, and breads are handmade and housemade, right on the premise, using old-world and family recipes.  They even do catering and birthday/holiday/any special occasion customized cakes.

The hubs and I stopped by, and I was super excited in checking this place out, as I just had a good feeling about this place!  Ms. Catherine, who owns this bakery with her husband, shared us the items that they had and we just had to get literally one of each!

We tried a Mama’s almond cookie (made with almond flour, this was the perfect amount of sweetness and pretty tasty; the hubs was a total fan!); and purchased: a slice of an apple pie (topped with cinnamon and almonds); a fresh cheese boat (filled with cheese and boiled eggs; the bread was nice and doughy, and filled with cheese and chunks of boiled egg); 2 kinds of achmas (a seven-layered dough with cheese and butter, and a beef version made with pulled beef, sour cream, and spices – I really enjoyed the latter); a Sweet Snail (filled with raisins and walnuts); an edible ‘apple’ rose tart (really pretty!); a ‘Sail’ (filled with chocolate and egg cream); and, a mushroom turnover (that kind of looks like an empanada, these were filled with some sauteed, finely-diced mushrooms; any mushroom lover would enjoy this!).

Since everything is made with love and with all natural ingredients, one does not need to worry about preservatives or artificial flavors – you can really taste how fresh each item is!

To re-heat, it is recommended to use your toaster oven, rather than your oven.  I cannot wait to go back and try out their khachapuri and a raspberry basket, as these items also sound pretty amazing!  Check this little gem out!

+authentic Georgian bakery
+ask for Ms. Catherine
+everything is made on the premise!
+pastries, breads, cookies, and cakes galore
+catering available


The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar
2312 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA  22301
Daily, 5 PM – 12 AM

WHERE HAVE I BEEN FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS?!  I never knew that The Sushi Bar had been part of the Del Ray neighborhood for a couple of years now.

This small, unassuming sushi restaurant with a small obscure sign, owned by Chef Saran (also known as ‘Chef Peter’, who apparently trained under Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, my most favorite Iron Chef of all time!!!) Kannasute, offers literally one of the best ‘contemporary’/’creative’ omakase that I’ve experienced!!!

The hubs and I came here for a little date night, and calling in advance, found out that the restaurant does not take any reservations – first come, first serve.  When we arrived, we only waited for about a few minutes to sit at the sushi bar in the back.  While waiting, we were served some water as well as the menu to look over.

The hubs and I decided to go with the omakase – and, I’m so glad that we did!!!  We started off with some authentic Japanese Kobe tataki (!!!), with some microgreens and a house sweet sauce – slightly seared, the Kobe was cooked perfectly and subtly tasted grilled; Blue Fin tuna with some duck pate and tobiko; salmon belly nigirizushi with fresh ginger sauce; some bluefin tuna tataki with sesame; toro tataki with some garlic ponzu, carpaccio sauce, spicy sesame oil, and schichimi togarashi; and, a tower of fatty tuna, sea urchin, monkfish pate, tobiko, garlic ponzu, and chili lime sauce.  The uni/sea urchin was literally one of the most freshest, most creamiest, and the most delicious uni I’ve head in ages – it had such a clean and wonderful taste, I was super pleasantly surprised!  The eel?  Perfectly grilled and had the perfect ratio of the sauce.  None of our plates needed a dip in the soy sauce or anything – everything was perfect seasoned, dressed, and drizzled on!

For dessert, we were presented with a black sesame ice cream on a crispy phyllo bird’s nest – super amazing!!!  The crispy phyllo nest had a lovely drizzle of honey, and the black sesame ice cream was not too sweet and a great complement – a wonderful way to finish the meal!

Each plate was beautifully-presented, creative, had great attention to detail, and all the fish was just super fresh and wonderful – you can really taste the quality!

Chef Kannasute and Chef JJ were both super sweet, friendly, and welcoming, and the staff (Kirin, Ashley, and Nathan) were all just super awesome and attentive!!!  The hubs and I were both huge fans and really believe that this is literally the best restaurant in VA!!!

Even better, the omakase also changes, so just let the Chef know and he’ll always provide a different, creative offering the next time!!!

Just note that the sushi bar has only 6 seats, so you may have some wait – however, it’s totally worth it!  I also LOVE the fact that this place is 18+, so no screaming/whining kids (there may be some adults doing these acts, but that’s a whole another story AHAHA).  The restaurant has a deep red decor, is clean, small, and cozy.

Definitely check this gem of a sushi restaurant out – you will NOT be disappointed!!!

+order the omakase!!!
+contemporary and creative = keep that in mind!
+super fresh fish!!!
+black sesame ice cream for dessert!
+ask for Chef Kannasute and Chef JJ
+ask for Kirin, Ashley, and Nathan
+18+ only!
+limited street parking off of Mount Vernon
+located in between Holy Cow and Pork Barrel

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
126 Rivington Street
New York, NY  10002
Mondays – Thursdays, 8 AM – 10 PM
Fridays, 8 AM – 11 PM
Sundays, 10 AM – 7 PM

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery is such a cute bakery!  The hubs and I stopped by here to check out their baked goods, as I’d heard that they had some awesome pudding and cupcakes!

The place is owned by Peg & Deb and has been around since ’03.  The menu consists of cakes, cupcakes, layer cakes, pudding, pies, bars, cookies, iced sugar cookies, and custom-order offerings.

I tried the Pinch Me! cupcake, which was a strawberry cake topped with whipped peanut butter mousse – OMG, this is literally one of the best cupcakes I’ve had!  I really loved how fluffy and moist the strawberry cake was, and the light whipped mousse peanut butter-flavored top was a lovely pairing!

I also tried a small cup of their Banana Puddin,’ and this was plain MAGICAL – chunks of bananas throughout, the pudding itself was the right consistency of creaminess and thickness, and it had a lovely delicious taste!

The staff here were super friendly and awesome, and there are some tables where you can enjoy your treats.  I loved the Polaroids of the locals’ pups that’s taped on the wall by the cashier – so cute!

Definitely a cute bakery to check out, and I can’t wait to come back and try out their other cupcakes, pies, and cookies!

+Banana Puddin’
+Pinch Me! cupcake
+friendly staff
+Polaroids of pets


The Espositos

The Espositos
9917 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA  22030
Lunch and Dinner – hours vary

The Espositos Italian restaurant has been around in Fairfax since ’82.  Some dear friends, the hubs, and I came here to have lunch, and we were all pleasantly surprised!

The menu offers items such as Panini al Forno (subs), Frittate (omelettes), soups, salads pizza (in piccola or in grande sizes), antipasti, pasta, main entrees, as well as desserts.

We started off with some antipasti/appetizer plates:  the Mozzarella in Carrozza (fried mozzarella with anchovies, these were large block patties of lightly breaded mozzarella cheese with a light olive oil/butter sauce – I really liked the salty bits of anchovies that comes with!) and the Zucchini Fritti (fried zucchini; these were super lightly battered, and I personally was not a fan of these; the light marinara sauce it came with was a great complement for the fried mozzarella, though!).

For our entrees, I tried their Spaghetti Carbonara (spaghetti with onions, eggs, and pancetta ham – the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and the dish was pretty overwhelming in terms of the amount of pancetta!  It was a good, slightly salty dish!); the hubs had the Fettuccine Romana (homemade flat pasta in cream sauce; this could have been more creamier and cheesier, as it was a bit too bland for me) and the Gnocchi Bolognese (potato dumplings in meat sauce – this was literally one of the best gnocchi dishes we’ve had!  The dumplings were pillowy-soft, cooked wonderfully, and it had some cheeses in there (but, not too much) that made it perfectly melty and yummy – this dish was delicious!); the friends had the Spaghetti alla Polpetta (spaghetti with meatballs) and the Linguine Vongole (linguine with clams in tomato sauce).

The complimentary bread was soft with a nice little crust, and the salads that came with the pasta dishes were super fresh and tasty!  Those marinated sliced carrots are out of this world (I kept stealing the hubs’) AHAHA

At the end, we enjoyed a delicious tiramisu, that was of perfect temperature – it was creamy, light, fluffy, airy, and had a great balance of the creaminess and the espresso flavors!

Our server, Ms. Esposito, was super awesome – she was friendly, welcoming, and made sure that our beverages were always refilled and our dishes were great.

This restaurant is definitely a little gem, and I would love to go back and try out their subs, pizzas, and their other pasta dishes.  Check this place out!

+yummy salad with marinated sliced carrots!!!
+Gnocchi Bolognese!!!
+ask for Ms. Esposito!
+friendly service!


110 Waverly Place
New York, NY  10011

Tuesdays – Saturdays, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 11:15 PM
Mondays, 5:30 PM – 11:15 PM
Sundays, 5 PM – 10:45 PM

I’ve been to a handful of Italian restaurants, and this one, I can say, tops all of the ones I’ve tried so far (and am sure will top anything else I try in the future or the rest of my life)!

My husband and I came here, being underdressed (there were people who fancied up, and a few who came with jeans; they didn’t make us feel uncomfortable, though!).  We swooped in without making a reservation, so being seated in the back of the restaurant was out of the question.

However, we were seated by the bar/front of the restaurant area with smaller tables meant for 2, which I thought, was perfectly fine!  I do think it was actually more romantic than being all elbow-to-elbow in the back with no sense of privacy.  The place does get packed, and without reservations, you are looking to an hour to an hour-and-a-half wait.  It is definitely worth it, though!

I ordered the  Grilled Octopus with “Borlotti Marinati” and Spicy Limoncello Vinaigrette for the appetizer/antipasti, and it was grilled, full of octopus-flavor, and a hint of a citrus action to it.  It was good.  For the main dish, I ordered the  Black Spaghetti with Rock Shrimp, Spicy Salami Calabrese and Green Chiles.  Hands down, I literally died and had gone to heaven when I took my first forkful!  It was filled with bits of rock shrimp, a plentiful handful of salami calabrese which was just like precious pricey bacon bits in your mouth.  The sauce was this oil-like coat that was all over the black spaghetti noodles, and it was spiked and infused with garlic and the chili.  The dish itself was spicy, but not spicy enough that you are sweating like a salami yourself.  The portion was perfect.  I LOVED it, and I licked the plate clean, literally!

My husband ordered the Gnocchi  with Braised Oxtail, and the portion was on the smaller side – I expected it to be at least 2 or 3 times as much.  He loved the gnocchi, and he did mention that the oxtail was good.  He just wanted more!

For dessert, we ordered the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Orange Sauce and Hazelnut Gelato; this one can knock your tooth out, so if you have a sweet tooth for chocolate and the hazelnut combo, this could be your cup of tea.  It was overall good, but I preferred my dessert, which was Saffron Panna Cotta with Quince, Pink Peppercorn and Quince Sorbetto and rhubarb pieces.  The panna cotta was flan-like, and it melted in your mouth.  The rhubarb dices were a great tang-like flavor and great crunchiness with the panna cotta.  The sorbet was delicious, refreshing, and lovely with the overall plate.

I loved the service – it was attentive, always refilling your glass with NY’s finest tap water, and it wasn’t rushed nor slow.  I would come back here and wait another 1-2 hours for the food.  Neverending kudos to Batali!!!

+Black Spaghetti with Rock Shrimp, Spicy Salami Calabrese and Green Chiles
+Mario Batali-owned


Nashville Sweets

Nashville Sweets
803 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN  37206

Tuesdays – Fridays, 11 AM – 6 PM
Saturdays, 9 AM – 4 PM
Closed Sundays & Mondays

I looked up some local bakeries around the Nashville area as I was going to be in town with my sister to celebrate her birthday.  I wanted to get something special for her, so I decided to contact Nashville Sweets to order some customized cake pops.

I emailed with my questions and pictures of the forms of the cake pops, and Sylvia answered in a timely fashion.  She was able to give me price points as well as how we can arrange this.

The bakery also offers cupcakes, cakes, dessert bars, and other customizable items for weddings and for corporate gifts.

Sylvia stated that since I’m ordering half a dozen, I could either get 1 flavor for all, or get a random assortment the day of (but, she wouldn’t be able to guarantee which flavor I would get) – however, I did work it out with her to see if she could contact me with the flavors for that day so that I could actually pick and choose from the assortment (so it all worked out!).

I had 2 strawberry, 2 lemon, and 2 red velvet.  It came in a stand up cake pop arrangement packaging, color/design of your choice (I chose the Tiffany blue), wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pretty colored ribbon (in Tiffany blue and gray).

My sister was very surprised and loved it!  The formation of the figurines were very cute and of a great generous size.  The flavor themselves?  Absolutely DIVINE!  I really think they were the best cake pops I’ve had, EVER!  Each one had a great taste – strawberry, lemon, and luscious decadent red velvet – all very moist and so lovely!

I think the only slight issue was that one of the cake pop was cracked in the middle, and the cellophane rubbed against some of the figurines where their details actually fell off and/or smooshed a bit.

Either way, I am satisfied and am glad to work with Sylvia, as she was very accommodating with my high standards and expectations!

Thanks, Nashville Sweets!

+ask for Sylvia
+customizable cake pops
+most delicious cake pops EVER!!!
+no delivery available
+no guarantee of flavor (unless you call 1 day or the day of) for flavor guarantee

Down Home Comfort Bakery

Down Home Comfort Bakery
120-A E Main Street

Front Royal, VA  22630

What a gem!  Down Home Comfort Bakery is owned by Ms. Maureen and her husband, Mr. Keith.  This bakery has only been around a a little over a year, and they offer pies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, breads, and Garber’s ice cream (a local ice cream company based out of Winchester).

When we walked in, we were greeted right away by Mr. Keith.  The hubs and I each got a scoop of Garber’s ice cream – I had the Coffee Toffee Crunch (coffee ice cream with bits of toffee throughout; Ms. Maureen asked me if I would like to be topped off with her homemade chocolate sauce – I, of course, happily said YES!  The chocolate sauce wasn’t overly sweet, and it was a nice little complement to my scoop.  The hubs had the Cookies n’ Cream, and this tasted fresh.

We also tried the breakfast bar (recipe of Mr. Keith’s; a granola bar with nuts and berries); an Old-Fashioned Soft Molasses (I liked this as it was nice and soft with a hint of spice); a Fro-Ro (their signature cookie that some toasted coconut and made with oats; also tasty); a sugar cookie with toasted coconut; a cinnamon bun (only offered Fri/Sat/Sun; with a luscious amount of frosting; this was not overly decadent, and I really liked the frosting); a Pecan Sticky Bun (only offered Fri/Sat/Sun; large whole pecans with a nice cinnamon/brown sugar glaze); and, a mini cherry pie (one of the best cherry pies we’ve had, the whole cherries within had a slight tart but still sweet, and the crust was delicious).

They also have coffee and tea, and carry local/Amish goods, such as preserves and jams.  Such friendly and sweet owners, support this local business – it’s ‘easy as pie’ as their baked goods are fabulous & comforting!

+ask for Mr. Keith and Ms. Maureen
+Cherry pies
+Ms. Maureen’s homemade chocolate sauce
+Garber’s ice cream available (Coffee Toffee Crunch)
+breakfast bars
+Pecan Sticky Buns & Cinnamon Rolls available only on Fri/Sat/Sun

The Bohemian

The Bohemian
57 Great Jones Street

New York, NY  10012
Phone number is not displayed due to its ‘secrecy’

The Bohemian is an exclusive/secret/underground restaurant (sister restaurant to the Nishiazabu’s location; I heard this space used to be Warhol’s loft!!!) that you can only get reservations with a REFERRAL from a past/regular patron (YES, THEY CHECK, so don’t go on being shady!).

We came here to celebrate the hubs’ birthday – they have two seatings – 6PM or 9PM.  Finding the place was slightly tricky, but it’s strategically located by the butcher shop.  Once you ring the bell, you are confirmed on their list.  There’s a coat rack in the front where you can hang up your belongings and you are shown to your table.

The restaurant itself is SO SO SO CUTE (and clean)!  There’s a little ‘nature-istic’ decor on the far side of the restaurant and lovely art pieces from the artist, Seiji Yamauchi; there are only 21 seats in the main area (3 2-seaters, 2 3-seaters, and 2 4-seaters), and some more seats up at the bar.  Considering how this restaurant is so secretive, I loved how totally unpretentious it was!  We were greeted warmly, and our server, Karen, was so cute and lovely, and made sure that our dining experience was wonderful!

We were given lovely scented warm hand towels while deciding on what to order. We had the tasting course; this came with a ‘Farmer’s Fresh Vegetable Fondue’ – very fresh and crispy parsnips, radicchio, bell peppers, juicy & plump cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, all dip-able in a lovely cheese sauce that was so creamy and yummy (husband was a total fan!).  Next was the Uni Croquette, which was filled with a mushroom cream, topped with creamy uni – this literally tasted like a cream of mushroom in a croquette form .  Next, we had a Washu-Beef Short Rib Sashimi – thinly-sliced, marinated, and lovely with the pickled/delicately-sliced garlic, dipped in the soy sauce mixture.  Yum!  The main entree was the Pan-Roasted Branzino with farmer’s seasonal vegetables – it came in a hot skillet, and the whole fish was delicate and flaky.  The side of the pan-roasted vegetables (potatoes, brussel sprouts, and half of a roasted garlic bulb) were so delicious.  Next, you were able to choose between the Bohemian’s Washu-Beef Mini Burger with fried potatoes or the Sashimi Rice Bowl with Japanese Cucumber Pickles with Toss-zu jelly.  My husband had the burger, while I had the rice bowl.  The burger was done medium rare, which I was not a fan of (I probably would request the patty to be well-done next time!).  I enjoyed my Sashimi Rice Bowl, with the fresh sashimi and the seasoned rice – yum!

Before the conclusion of our tasting, I, of course, had to add additional plates – Karen was a bit nervous at first, as she said that the tasting is a lot of food, but we ensured her that we can EAT and that we could handle it (yes, she was impressed with us at the end AHAHAHA)  We tried out the Homemade Pickled Cauliflower (this was delicious, as the large cauliflower florets were pickled in this great brine, and had this sweet/tangy taste going on), the Toro-Taku Roll (with daikon pickles, scallions, roasted sesame, and shiso leaf – garguantuan in size, it had a generous amount of toro; my husband was a fan of this), the Bohemian Mac & Cheese (similar to the fondue cheese; came with a tomato butter toast), the Cazuela Garlic Shrimp (which came with a shrimp paste (not a fan) and sliced baguette; loved the minced garlic and the salty whole olives within), the Kuro Buta Pork Loin (topped with cacao-nibs and mixed spices with roasted baby onions – the pork was SO JUICY – it was cooked perfectly and great with a little dip-age of the course salt); and, the Tokyo Teriyaki Washi-Beef Mini Burger (enjoyed the teriyaki sauce; came with pickles).

The ending of the tasting was with the Yuzu Pannacotta – literally, one of the best desserts I’ve had in my life!  So creamy and delicious, and the tangy yuzu was a lovely complement!  My husband also had a lovely creamy vanilla ice cream scoop as a birthday treat!  My husband also had a strawberry basil frozen drink that was really nice – fresh and not overly sweet.

The manager, Kadori, was also awesome – extremely kind and also checked up on us.  I really enjoyed this experience and will definitely be back.  I would probably order off the a la carte and am curious of any of their new additions.  On a side note, they have a bidet in the bathroom – um, it was awesome with its warm seats (I know, TMI).

+lovely underground Japanese dining experience
+awesome staff

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