Hush Supper Club

Hush Supper Club
Washington, DC
Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays by reservation only

Hush Supper Club is an underground Gujarati Jain Indian supper club in the DC area.  You can only get ‘invited’ to partake in the dinner once you apply (yes, you actually have to submit a mini application answering some questions and a photo of yourself)!  This is a way for the host to get to know a little bit about you (and make sure that you are not some psycho) as well as strategically plan for an interesting group of unique individuals.

The location, time, and menu are all divulged on the morning of your reserved date (offered usually on the weekends) and you get to have supper with 11 other attendees.

The experience itself is about 6+ hours (which goes by unbelievably quickly with the stimulating, intellectual conversations on culinary traditions, culture, and religion) while enjoying a set course menu (you can advise of any food allergies/aversions).

We had Kachori with Cilantro Chutney & Tamarind Chutney (little spherical samosas), Chana Chaat (fresh, delicious, and addicting!), Masoor Dal, Saffron Pulao with Cashews and Peas, Makai no Chino, Green Beans with Peanuts (one of my absolute favorites, this had perfectly-cooked al dente green beans with a bit of a salty kick to it), Spinach Parathas (thin and spicy, a great way to dip into your sauces), Cucumber and Mint Raita (great to add a saucy addition to the items), a cup of Masala Chai (not sweet but perfectly spiced and soothing), and Sheero (creamy and multiple kicks from the spice).

The menu changes often, but each dish was fresh, flavorful, and delicious!

The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and it was definitely a one-of-a-kind dining experience – we absolutely LOVED it!

Definitely check this supper club out – you will learn a lot and meet very interesting people, and I’m so glad that there’s a club like this one, right here in DC!

+underground supper club
+homemade Gujarati Jain cuisine
+great cultural experience!
+6+ dining experience
+mini application process required


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