Balkan Grill

Balkan Grill
5902 A N Kings Highway
Alexandria, VA  22303
Mondays – Saturdays, 10 AM – 8 PM
Sundays, 10 AM – 5 PM

The Balkan Grill has a nice menu with a variety of items, such as: appetizers (baba ghanouj, hummus, burek (homemade phyllo pastry dough filled with either beef/cheese/spinach/potato & zuchinni); salads; specialties (cevapcici, Bosnia burger (pljeskavica), adana burger, veggie/steak/grilled chicken sandwiches, raznjici (grilled & spiced meat with fries), pikata chicken schnitzel, fish of the day (such as trout and tilapia), and mixed grill platters.  They also have desserts, fresh ‘ayran’ yogurt beverages, as well as other Turkish cold beverages in bottles/cans.

The place is small and has about 9 seats; two sets of counters and one table that seats 2.  Mr. Byron was at the cashier, but he also helps out in the back – quiet, but very kind and friendly!  There seemed to be many carry-outs and some were dining in.

I ordered a spinach burek, an adana burger, and a beef donor sandwich.  I also saw freshly-made baba ghanouj and sauteed eggplant in the fridge and got those as well.  I was slightly disappointed with the burek, as it was cold (I thought it would be piping hot); I’m thinking that you need to be responsible in heating this up in the oven.  The adana burger was pretty good – the ground meat patty had a slight kick to it, but it was flavorful; it comes with a side of sliced onions and tomatoes, and there is a yogurt and a hot sauce that you can use to spruce it up.  The beef donor sandwich was also good – sliced thinly, like gyro meat, pretty okay flavor, and good with the yogurt sauce.  The sliced onions within made it nice and fresh.  I really really loved their bread – freshly-baked, right out of the oven, it was nice and soft, and was great in holding in all the meat and veggies.  I really enjoyed the sauteed eggplant, as it was tomato-based, but had great garlic/olive oil flavor to it (great with the bread!).  The baba ghanouj was pretty okay, and you can tell that it is housemade – it was ever-so-slightly bitter, but it was still okay with the bread.

They also have daily weekday specials that comes with a can of soda (Monday is for shish kabobs; Tuesday is for the mixed grill platter; Wednesday is for the pikata chicken schnitzel; Thursday is for the moussaka; and, Friday is the ‘fish of the day’).

I am so glad that I was able to check this place out, and I would love to come back and try out the fresh aryan yogurt drink, the Turkish tea, the mixed grill platter, as well as the moussaka.  Very cute place, definitely a great little gem in Alexandria!

+Mr. Byron is so kind and awesome
+carry-out or dine-in (limited seating)
+daily weekday specials come with a can of soda
+sauteed eggplant
+beef donor sandwich
+beautiful, fluffy, fresh bread


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