Crossroads Grill

Crossroads Grill
5842 Columbia Pike

Falls Church, VA  22041
Mondays – Fridays, 7:30 AM – 9 PM
Saturdays, 9 AM – 7 PM

Closed Sundays

I LOVE Crossroads Grill (aka X-Roads)!  One of my favorite foods is the Steak and Cheese, so to get my fix, I always drop in at this totally unassuming ‘grill‘ that is located inside a Shell gas station.

They are always consistent in their Steak & cheese (#15 combo) – the bread is slightly toasted, and it is filled with lovely chopped steak, melted Provolone cheese, yummy sauteed onions, and the tangy zip of the extra mayo (you can also add tomato and lettuce).  It comes with a side of french fries (naked or ‘spicy’ (which is like a Cajun seasoning blend on top)).

The place gets packed during the lunch hours during the weekdays, and the cashier/chef is always unbelievably sweet and friendly!  There’s limited seating within (4 tables – two 2-seaters and 2 corner booths), but you can also do carry-out.

When you place your order, you walk to the other side of the food mart and pay at the main gas station cashier, where they stamp it; you then trade in the stamped receipt for the food when the Grill calls out your number. I highly recommend dining in so you get the Steak & Cheese nice and hot (as it can get slightly soggy with the foil, all nestled inside the styrofoam to-go box).

I’ve also tried their shrimp basket, which are sooo crispy and generous in the amount (comes with fries as well) – they also offer burgers, burritos, kabobs, and breakfast items.  Check them out!

+Steak & Cheese combo (#15)
+Shrimp Basket (crispy!)
+friendly chef
+order, then pay with the receipt at the cashier on the other side; bring back the stamped receipt to pick up your order
+limited seating inside
+located inside Shell gas station (to your right), next to German Gourmet



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