The Bohemian

The Bohemian
57 Great Jones Street

New York, NY  10012
Phone number is not displayed due to its ‘secrecy’

The Bohemian is an exclusive/secret/underground restaurant (sister restaurant to the Nishiazabu’s location; I heard this space used to be Warhol’s loft!!!) that you can only get reservations with a REFERRAL from a past/regular patron (YES, THEY CHECK, so don’t go on being shady!).

We came here to celebrate the hubs’ birthday – they have two seatings – 6PM or 9PM.  Finding the place was slightly tricky, but it’s strategically located by the butcher shop.  Once you ring the bell, you are confirmed on their list.  There’s a coat rack in the front where you can hang up your belongings and you are shown to your table.

The restaurant itself is SO SO SO CUTE (and clean)!  There’s a little ‘nature-istic’ decor on the far side of the restaurant and lovely art pieces from the artist, Seiji Yamauchi; there are only 21 seats in the main area (3 2-seaters, 2 3-seaters, and 2 4-seaters), and some more seats up at the bar.  Considering how this restaurant is so secretive, I loved how totally unpretentious it was!  We were greeted warmly, and our server, Karen, was so cute and lovely, and made sure that our dining experience was wonderful!

We were given lovely scented warm hand towels while deciding on what to order. We had the tasting course; this came with a ‘Farmer’s Fresh Vegetable Fondue’ – very fresh and crispy parsnips, radicchio, bell peppers, juicy & plump cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, all dip-able in a lovely cheese sauce that was so creamy and yummy (husband was a total fan!).  Next was the Uni Croquette, which was filled with a mushroom cream, topped with creamy uni – this literally tasted like a cream of mushroom in a croquette form .  Next, we had a Washu-Beef Short Rib Sashimi – thinly-sliced, marinated, and lovely with the pickled/delicately-sliced garlic, dipped in the soy sauce mixture.  Yum!  The main entree was the Pan-Roasted Branzino with farmer’s seasonal vegetables – it came in a hot skillet, and the whole fish was delicate and flaky.  The side of the pan-roasted vegetables (potatoes, brussel sprouts, and half of a roasted garlic bulb) were so delicious.  Next, you were able to choose between the Bohemian’s Washu-Beef Mini Burger with fried potatoes or the Sashimi Rice Bowl with Japanese Cucumber Pickles with Toss-zu jelly.  My husband had the burger, while I had the rice bowl.  The burger was done medium rare, which I was not a fan of (I probably would request the patty to be well-done next time!).  I enjoyed my Sashimi Rice Bowl, with the fresh sashimi and the seasoned rice – yum!

Before the conclusion of our tasting, I, of course, had to add additional plates – Karen was a bit nervous at first, as she said that the tasting is a lot of food, but we ensured her that we can EAT and that we could handle it (yes, she was impressed with us at the end AHAHAHA)  We tried out the Homemade Pickled Cauliflower (this was delicious, as the large cauliflower florets were pickled in this great brine, and had this sweet/tangy taste going on), the Toro-Taku Roll (with daikon pickles, scallions, roasted sesame, and shiso leaf – garguantuan in size, it had a generous amount of toro; my husband was a fan of this), the Bohemian Mac & Cheese (similar to the fondue cheese; came with a tomato butter toast), the Cazuela Garlic Shrimp (which came with a shrimp paste (not a fan) and sliced baguette; loved the minced garlic and the salty whole olives within), the Kuro Buta Pork Loin (topped with cacao-nibs and mixed spices with roasted baby onions – the pork was SO JUICY – it was cooked perfectly and great with a little dip-age of the course salt); and, the Tokyo Teriyaki Washi-Beef Mini Burger (enjoyed the teriyaki sauce; came with pickles).

The ending of the tasting was with the Yuzu Pannacotta – literally, one of the best desserts I’ve had in my life!  So creamy and delicious, and the tangy yuzu was a lovely complement!  My husband also had a lovely creamy vanilla ice cream scoop as a birthday treat!  My husband also had a strawberry basil frozen drink that was really nice – fresh and not overly sweet.

The manager, Kadori, was also awesome – extremely kind and also checked up on us.  I really enjoyed this experience and will definitely be back.  I would probably order off the a la carte and am curious of any of their new additions.  On a side note, they have a bidet in the bathroom – um, it was awesome with its warm seats (I know, TMI).

+lovely underground Japanese dining experience
+awesome staff

ob c d


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